What we’re looking for, in general: Your true stories about Kansas told in an engaging way. Pull us in, make us feel something. Make us laugh or make us cry. Be creative. Use dialog. Careful word choice and fresh imagery is valued. Write your stories in any of the persons (first, second, third). 

Eligible writers: We are looking for true stories about Kansas written by Kansans, therefore  you must be a Kansas resident or have lived in Kansas at some point in your life. 

Theme for Issue #2 (May 1 - June 30 Submission Period):

Kansas Travel Stories

  1. Tell us about your road trips across this great state of ours. What did you see? What did you learn on the way there? Which Kansas attractions are your favorites? Where do you take the out-of-state visitors? Perhaps there was a vacation gone wrong?

  2. Remember, It must be a true story that happened, all or partially, in Kansas. See clarification below, added 6/1/2021:

Q: The theme for the next issue is travel. Does that mean travel within the boundaries of Kansas?


A: That’s a great question. This is our answer. Travel stories within Kansas would be wonderful. There are so many places in our state to be appreciated, and a story about a road trip TO a particular location in Kansas might make a fine essay for the journal. We recognize, however, that travelling outside the boundaries of our state has its attractions, as well, and that stories about Kansans traveling elsewhere might have just the impact we are looking for when it comes to sharing our stories and building connections through our experiences, which is something that is very important to us as writers and readers. I would say that if your travel story takes you beyond Kansas, you are probably going to want to set at least some of the story in Kansas. Alternatively, you are going to want to show us something about the travel experience that we can relate to as Kansans. I can’t tell you for sure that a travel story that leaves Kansas is going to be selected for publication, but if we read a story that reveals that special Kansas connection, whatever it is for you as storyteller, we are certainly not going to turn it down for going beyond the boundaries of our state.

Word count: Let’s say 100 - 3,000 words, give or take. How many words does it take for you to tell your story?

Our preference is original, never before published pieces. 

We will consider pieces that have been published electronically or in limited-audience, small publication format (such as newsletters) if the author retains the right to publish. 

No simultaneous submissions, please. 

Have fun: When a writer enjoys the process, that positive energy comes through to the reader. 

Publishing rights: We are asking for First North American Serial Rights. 

Payment: Payment is $10 per story and one contributor copy of the journal.

How to submit: File types accepted: .doc, .docx, .rtf

Submit via Submittable - Meadowlark Press Submission Manager


Submission period #2: May 1 - June 30, 2021.

Limit: you may enter up to two (2) stories per submission period. 

Questions? Contact us at

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