What we’re looking for, in general: Your true stories about Kansas told in an engaging way. Pull us in, make us feel something. Make us laugh or make us cry. Be creative. Use dialog. Careful word choice and fresh imagery is valued. Write your stories in any of the persons (first, second, third). 

Eligible writers: We are looking for true stories about Kansas written by Kansans, therefore you must be a Kansas resident or have lived in Kansas at some point in your life. 

Theme for Issue #9 (November 1 - December 31, 2024 Submission Period):


Word count: Let’s say 100 - 3,000 words, give or take. How many words does it take for you to tell your story?

We want original, never-before-published pieces. No simultaneous submissions, please.

105 Meadowlark Reader does not accept AI-generated stories.

Have fun: When a writer enjoys the process, that positive energy comes through to the reader. 

Publishing rights: We are asking for First North American Serial Rights. 

Payment: Payment is currently $10 per story and one contributor copy of the journal.

How to submit: File types accepted: .doc, .docx, .rtf

Manuscript Preparation: Use standard formatting for your entry. This means:
  • 12-point Times New Roman

  • lines double-spaced

Include your author bio at the end of your entry. Your name as printed in this bio is how we will refer to you in the rest of the journal. (Exception: Feel free to use titles and degree designations in the bio, but those titles will not be included in the byline, per Meadowlark style.)

Your bio should include:

  • 125 words or less
  • Written in 3rd person
  • A mention of your connection to Kansas (such as where you grew up, your favorite spot in the state, a favorite fact about Kansas).
  • Your current city, state of residence
  • Feel free to mention any publishing credits as space allows

Author Photos:

  • As a 2nd attachment to this submission, include a high-resolution author photo in JPG format with your entry. Do not embed this photo in your manuscript. Bonus points if your author photo includes a Kansas setting.

Photos for publication with your essay:

    • If you have photos that go along with your essay that you would like to include for consideration with publication, embed those photos in a second document with descriptions beneath each image.
    Reponse Time:
    • Response regarding spring submissions (May-June) will be no later than September 1.
    • Response regarding fall submissions (November-December) will be no later than March 1. 

        Limit: you may enter up to two (2) stories per submission period. 

        Submit via Submittable - Meadowlark Press Submission Manager


        Questions? Contact us at

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        See our submission calendar for upcoming themes.