Friday, March 5, 2021

What's in it for You, Dear Reader?


Our upcoming 105 journal is a fantastic way to highlight Kansas writers and to publish their work.

However, this journal of true Kansas stories is primarily for readers. Readers like you. And like me.

Today I’m thinking about what a reader might glean from the stories and

essays in our first issue and in subsequent issues.

You might take away…

*A sense of place. Because these true stories are set in Kansas, you’ll

recognize familiar settings. As you dig into a memoir piece, your own

memories will awaken, perhaps you’ll remember the taste of dust in the

wind, the fishy smell of a farm pond, the crunch of car tires driving

slowly over a sand-covered dirt street.

*You’ll come across storytelling that puts you in the scene with the

writer - hearing a baseball (or tennis ball) smack a glove, or the almost

silent whoosh of a kayak paddle in a Kansas river. When a writer tells

about building a disaster boat with his father and brother, you might

laugh along, but also may remember your own successful or

unsuccessful childhood projects. 

*Some of the essays show connection with our personal and public

histories. Through these pieces we begin to see the threads that underlie

various aspects of our lives, the unseen ties that connect us all. 

Our first issue will have 35 stories by 35 writers. Thirty-five pieces that

will make you feel at home. 

Jump into this river of stories with us! Our introductory subscription rate is available only through March 12th. A year's subscription is your best deal. Click here to subscribe to 105: Meadowlark Reader today!


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