Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Meet the Authors of our Bicycle Stories, Issue #3

Dear Reader,

In Issue #3 of 105 Meadowlark Reader, we are sharing true, bicycle-themed stories. We have 31 of them, in fact, representing 37 Kansas counties by story setting and/or author location. As well, this issue features a 105 Meadowlark Reader interview with Kristi Mohn, Lifetime Marketing Director, Unbound Gravel Instigator and Organizer, and Woman on a Bike! 

Thank you to the following individuals for sharing true bicycle stories with us for this issue. We look forward to sharing these stories with YOU!

Lisa Allen

Jim Andera

Boyd Bauman

Julie Ann Baker Brin

Annabelle Corrick

Phyllis A. Ericson

Angel Edenburn

Monica (Osgood) Graves

Beth Gulley

Carolyn Hall

Alexander Hurla

Jerilynn Jones Henrikson

Debra Irsik

Sally Jadlow

 Julie Johnson

Amy Deckert Kliewer

Sandee Lee

Mike Marks

Kerry Moyer

Brandy Nance

Peg Nichols

Jim Potter

Edgy Sack

Cynthia C. Schaker

Harland Schuster

Anne Spry

Leon Unruh

Barbara Waterman-Peters

Brenda White

Mary Kate Wilcox

Sheree Wingo


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