Sunday, July 16, 2023

Meet the Authors of our Landmark Stories, Issue 6


Our Landmark issue has 33 authors representing 29 counties. 

James Aber - Mine Creek Civil War Battlefield
James Aber & Susan Aber - Santa Fe Trail
Lindsey Bartlett - Land of the Post Rock
Boyd Bauman - Flesh Made Word
Mary Ann Blaufuss - Landmarks of My Youth
Jenna Brack - Dad's Kansas Tours
Lori Brack - Central Kansas Rock Gods
Rex Buchanan - Revolution at the End of the World
Linda Cook - Anderson Hall
Ann Christine Fell - American's Most Famous Unknown Woman
Stan Finger - The Tunnel of Trees
Monica Graves - Stone Arch Bridge Crossing
Carolyn Hall - Guideposts of the Plains
Cheryl Heide - Flyover Harlan
Thomas Holmquist - Soldier's Cap
Marlysue Holmquist - Lovisa's Landmarks
Nancy Julien Kopp - Johnny Kaw Speaks to a Child
Marilyn Hope Lake - "Downunder" in Kansas
Jesse Tyler - The Garden of Eden in Concrete
Kaye McIntyre - Exploring Kansas
Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg - Castle Rock in the Light of Day
Rick Nichols - Hams and Eggs
John Olson - A Family Landmark
Harland Schuster - That Time Kansas Grew by Over 600 Feet
Julie A. Sellers - Harvey Girl
Melissa Stanton - Aeolian Sands
Julie Stielstra - Eleanor, Daughter
Sandee Lee - Wrong Way Tornado
Leon Unruh - The Invisible Map
Victoria Vaughn - Ascending the High Plains
Barbara Waterman-Peters - At the Capitol
Jon Kelly Yenser - Intemperate Wichita
Michelle Zumbrum - The Farm That Built Us

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