Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Meet the Authors of Our Intersections Issue, #7, Shipping May 2024


Our Intersections issue features 33 authors representing 24 counties. This issue includes 13 never-before-published-in-105 authors and three new counties (Graham, Jefferson, and Pawnee).

We are pleased to share these true Kansas stories with readers of 105 Meadowlark Reader, shipping in May 2024.

“The Middle of Nowhere” by Alicia Troike 

“Between the Dead and Me” by Amanda L. Little 

“Flowers and Memories” by Amanda Schultz 

“Friendship Forged over Fetal Pig” by Amy D. Kliewer  

“Last Letter” by Ann Christine Fell 

“The Trader Joe’s Egg Aisle” by Audrey Phillips

“A Second Meeting in Manhattan” by Barbara Waterman-Peters 

“Can You Tell Me How to Get to Oklahoma City?” by Beth Gulley 

“Waves of Intersection” by Boyd Bauman 

“Seventeenth and Washburn” by Carlos Velez 

“Railroad Ties” by C. E. Emmer 

“Technobaby Crossroads” by Charles L. Martin 

“A Retirement Revelation” by Chuck Warner 

“Getting Pregnant at My Age?” By Errin D. Moore 

“A Love Story” by James Kenyon

“At the Intersection of Kansas and Anywhere in the World” by Cynthia Mines 

“Orphan Annie’s Secret Clubhouse” by Jennifer Broadstreet Hess 

“Families and Fates of Robert Parks” by Jim Potter  

“Harper Court and Minneapolis Street” by Julie Johnson  

“The Town at the Crossroads” by Julie A. Sellers 

“The Sparrow’s Whistle” by Julie Stielstra 

“Intersecting with the Mob” by Linda Cook 

“Particulars of Place” by Candace Plett Krebs 

“What a Tai Chi Master Taught Me About Writing” by Mary-Lane Kamberg 

“Planting Coins” by Matthew Porubsky 

“Double Cousins and the Carnival Keepsake” by Roger Heineken 

“Not in My Plan” by Sandee Lee  

“Night Train to Frankfurt” by Stan Finger 

“Library Cards” by Susan Brinkman  

“Crossroads” by Thomas Holmquist 

“Lessons from the Intersection of Tallgrass and Tabor Valley” by Tim Keane 

“The Road to Kansas” by Victoria Vaughn 

“Summer Running” by Walter Moak 


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