Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Big News about 105!


As we prepare to take submissions for issue #5, we are adding something exciting to 105

Cash prizes! 

Cash prizes! Two $50 prizes! 

Two $50 Ad Astra Awards for Excellence in Writing will be given to the two pieces in each issue that stand out for us as editor and publisher. 

For these awards, we will be looking for masterful use of language, depth to the story/essay/article, a good story well told, and creative use of theme. We’re looking for overall excellence in writing. 

$50 for the Editor’s Choice Award 

$50 for the Publisher’s Choice Award

When you submit to 105, send us the best piece of writing you can put together. 

Consider possible stories for the theme. Write. Revise. Polish it, make it shine. Read it aloud. Proofread. Submit. 

Every submission will automatically be considered for these awards. 


Now, specifically, about issue #5. If you’re submitting to our “animal” issue, here are some leads on what we’d like to see land on our desks . . .

Our next theme is “animals.” While we expect to get a few dog and cat stories, we’d love to get a variety of other animal stories as well. 

Create your own list of potential animal stories. Some ideas to get that list started . . .

  • Reptile encounters

  • Have you met up with bears or bison, owls, deer, perhaps a coyote? 

  • Any critter events while camping? Chiggers, ticks, mosquitoes? 

  • Maybe you’ve worked in a zoo, or have zoo-related stories

  • Write a profile about your favorite veterinarian. 

  • Have you ever had to have rabies shots?

  • Experiences with farm animals - horses, cattle, chickens, goats. 

Your story could be a personal story, an essay, an interview, a factual article about peacocks or possums, or people involved with animals. Any true story. 

But what if you’re writing a story about a bear? Or a shark? While we would like at least part of your story set in Kansas, you could start the story in Kansas and go from there. 

We do value having a theme for each issue, it ties all of the stories together with a soft link, but you can also take some freedom with 105 themes. The entire story doesn’t have to be about “an animal.” Take a theme, give it a solid connection to your story, and then run with it. 

Our reading period for animal stories runs from November 1 - December 31, 2022. 

Other guidelines apply. Find them here:

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