Friday, March 24, 2023

Announcing the Spring 2023 Ad Astra Awards!


So much has happened since we announced our plan for the Ad Astra Awards in the fall of 2022. Most notably, we received our largest batch of entries yet for an issue of 105 Meadowlark Reader. Boy did Kansas writers deliver! We were delighted by the response, all the lovely essays we read, (and immediately sorry that we would not be able to publish them all). 

Now we are polishing up this collection of animal stories for delivery to POD Print in Wichita. We are proud of this Kansas product, from our writers whose love of this state is as deep as ours to our "first run" which is always locally printed, to the bookstore partners who have supported us in this endeavor and helped make this journal a reality.

The spring 2023 issue will be shipping to a mailbox near you sometime in early May. 

Ah, but what you've arrived here for... the announcement of our winners! Without further ado, the Spring 2023 Ad Astra Awards!

Congratulations to our winners!

Phyllis McKenzie - "A Pet for the Ages"

Harland Schuster - "Kitty's Tale"


105 Meadowlark Reader: Issue #5 "Animal Stories"

105 Meadowlark Reader: Issue #5 "Animal Stories"


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